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2023-2024 State Teams Youth Bureau Grant Funded Application


What is Youth Teams Sports (YTS)?

YTS is funding for competitive sports leagues that are based upon the criteria set by NYS. For instructions and information, please visit our landing page at


Applications are closed. Please check back Fall 2024!


What is the timeframe to apply for YTS?

The YTS timeframes are as follows:

Press release                                                                                             9/25

9/22 new applications/new funding source meeting                        10/10

Applications due                                                                                       10/24

Applications to board committee                                                          10/31

Full YB board meeting for approval                                                     11/7                                                

Full and executive Legislature                                                               11/16

Notification of allocations                                                                      12/1

To be eligible for Youth Teams Sports Allocations (Teams) you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide team sports activities for youth under age 18 in under-resourced communities.

  2. Serve youth in New York State.

  3. Have a child protection policy in place that includes adherence to local city, agency, school district, and state child protection guidelines.

  4. Collect registration data, including participant demographic information, as required by OCFS in a manner that allows for accurate reporting of anonymized aggregate data.

All funded programs must aim to foster the following:

  1. Physical health and well-being – Increasing physical activity and positive relationships to one’s body.

  2. Mental health and well-being – Improving outcomes related to youth mental health, and social and emotional skills development and connectedness.

  3. Employment – Increasing qualifications and skills, such as collective problem solving, teamwork, and dispute resolution, which help prepare youth for suitable employment.

  4. Community cohesion – Breaking down barriers to reduce discrimination; crime, and violence in communities, and help young leaders emerge.

Organization and activities NOT eligible for funding are the following:

  1. Private foundations, as defined in section 509(a) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

  2. Organizations that discriminate based on age, ethnicity/race, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, physical or other disability, national origin, or a protected characteristic under local, state, and/or federal law.

  3. Research and project planning activities.

  4. Support for elite or private sports camps, programs, or teams.

  5. Endowments, memorials, budget deficits, or fundraising activities.

  6. Religious organizations whose sports programs do not have a secular and community focus.

  7. Lobbying, political or fraternal activities.

For the purposes of Youth Team Sports (YTS), a “team sport” is defined as an organized physical activity in which groups of two or more individuals are in competition with two or more opposing individuals. Sporting activities where individuals engage in competitions on behalf of an organized group (such as tennis, team golf, or racing sports such as swimming or skiing) are included in this definition.

YTS may be used to fund programming that provides opportunities for youth in under-resourced communities to learn and participate in team sports activities. This may include educational instruction necessary to prepare youth to participate in team sports.

See more in this FAQ.

Please use OCFS Form 5011 to apply for this funding. Thank you.


Please submit your completed application electronically to by October 24, 2023.


  1. Click HERE for    (OCFS-5011)
  2. Click HERE for Agency Program Profile   (OCFS-5002)
  3. Click HERE for Individual Program Application - Program Summary-Program Components (OCFS-5003)
  4. Copy of your programs child protection policy/procedure
  5. Copy of your programs budget
  6. Proposed line-item budget for these funds, should this award be granted
  7. Proof of non-profit status, as applicable