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FCC Asking for Public's Help in Ensuring Accurate Broadband Map

Broadband Map Poster

Monticello, NY – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is putting out a call for everyone to check the new National Broadband Map for accuracy. New York State and Sullivan County are encouraging the same.

“Knowing exactly where we have high-speed Internet service, and what kind of service it is, will ensure we get the attention and the funding we need to make broadband available in every corner of the County,” explains District 3 County Legislator Mike Brooks, who chairs the County’s Broadband Local Development Corporation.

The map is already created – the FCC is seeking public review and input, especially if an error is noted.

“Maybe you don’t have access to the service(s) the map indicates. Maybe the location address is wrong,” says Brooks. “Taking just a few minutes to ensure the info is accurate can make a world of difference for all of us.”

How to help:

  • Visit no later than January 13, 2023
  • Enter the address you’d like to check (you do not need to be at the location you’re checking)
    • If info is incorrect about that address, click on “Location Challenge” and follow the instructions
  • Be sure to look at the service information for the different categories: Fixed Broadband (residential and business) and Mobile Broadband (outdoor stationary and in vehicle)
    • If any info is incorrect about the broadband service(s) available at that location, click on “Availability Challenge” and follow the instructions

Need more help? Check out this step-by-step video: